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Golf Proving our Eyesight depends on our Feelings

Lisa Feldman Barrett and her colleagues at The Affective Science Institute have been talking for a couple of years now about how even our eyesight needs emotion to actually work. She says that without emotional input we can see, but not identify, an object.

Now even more evidence of the validity of this idea comes from […]

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The Debt Deal’s Social Map

So Sunday night came and went without a market meltdown. And now the market talk is of “we all know they will make some kind of deal” so … what’s the big deal?

Let me ask you, what if they don’t? What if Congresspeople who truly don’t understand how financial markets function on perception decide that […]

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Everyone is Talking about Behavioral Economics

No matter where I go, no matter who calls, no matter when I check twitter… there it is – “behavioral finance”. In an effort to understand the great financial crisis of 2008 everyone it seems has turned to what the academics call the “biases and heuristics lit”. I mean it seems so ubiquitous to me […]

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