Knowing How to Play Poker Isn’t Enough

See probabilities are not enough if you don't also listen to your instincts and learn to tolerate the miserable feelings of being nervous or predicting that something could go wrong. That kind of Emotion Analytics would have saved Boaz .... or Brian or.....

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The Ascent of Money by Ferguson

This is a book everyone should read (even if this Economist link isn’t exactly flattering). My virtual sister-in-law gave it to us for Christmas (trader/market shrink and economist/options trader in the house after all) and I am very glad she did. In these days of blaming the bankers and even capitalism for the economic descent […]

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Human Market Makers

After Sept. 11th when the markets were closed for a week I pointed out to a WSJ reporter I know that this makes it clear that we should never have all electronic markets – the risk is too great. People have to be able to meet and make trades.

This market sell-off is bolstering that viewpoint. […]

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