Solve that Cleveland Sports Curse

UPDATE June 20, 2016: I am SO glad the Cavs won! Thrilled. Elated. Vindicated. Ecstatic. Relieved. Joyous. Shocked… not necessarily in that order. Maybe someday I will get to interview LeBron about the cycle of emotions he experienced and used to create this incredible historic victory!

UPDATE June 17, 2016: This time I stayed until the […]

How to Think in the Gap between the Facts & Success

We have a tendency not to notice that our emphasis on numbers and logic leaves out a crucial part of the thinking processes we actually engage in to make decisions. In order to make the best decisions – and to perform at our highest levels – we need to get logical about the gap between […]

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Truly Understanding your Trading Decisions

In many ways, many traders end up shrugging their shoulders to the tune of “oh well I will do better next time”. The question becomes /what exactly/ will make them perceive, decide and act “better” the next time? I mean it isn’t like there aren’t tons of methods and tools to help a trader with […]

My Journey to Self-awareness, by JON

I knew I needed emotional help the day I became so angry that I punched my bedroom door, stomped down the stairs, and kicked over a living room end table—shocking my wife and two boys, and, most of all, myself. I’ve always been known as the “laid back, non-emotional German from Minnesota.” I was […]

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Trader W Strikes Again!

Reading your work, applying it, monitoring myself, writing down my feelings, is really paying off. I am trading less, and making more money. This week and last week have been incredible.

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AMBIGUITY – Is it going Up or is it going Down?

Faced with ambiguity, your brain naturally resorts to filing through unconsciously stored patterns and communicates with you through your feelings as much as your thoughts.

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Sullenberger “Fear mixed with Focus”

I have said it before and will say it again, FDR was wrong. It is not that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, the only thing we have to fear is no fear at all.

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What is confidence?

Some of the definitions from say -1) full trust, 2) belief in the powers, 3) reliability of a person or thing (the market? your trading strategy?) 4) certitude.

But how is confidence experienced? I mean how do you know you have it or not? In other words, where in your psyche does confidence […]

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TARP – Treasury Acts ….

Treasury Acts Ridiculously _____________________? …. fill in the blank.

If the markets are based on confidence (or lack thereof) then where are we in the spectrum between panic and overconfidence? We are certainly on the left-end of this tug of rope. The panicked selling seems to be gone but now we are in a market rhythm […]

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