Zweig is Almost Right – Today’s WSJ

that some other human being is going to be willing to pay a different price than you pay at some moment in the future. Markets are no more and no less.

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TARP – Treasury Acts ….

Treasury Acts Ridiculously _____________________? …. fill in the blank.

If the markets are based on confidence (or lack thereof) then where are we in the spectrum between panic and overconfidence? We are certainly on the left-end of this tug of rope. The panicked selling seems to be gone but now we are in a market rhythm […]

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Wow! …what a market & CME’s Global Financial Leadership

Last Friday we all knew SOMETHING was going to happen. But who could have predicted the week that now was? LEH, MER, AIG and even RTC2…. 500 down, 500 up: certainly a time to understand the new science of decision-making!

Early in the week, I had the enormous privilege of attending the CME’s Global Financial Leadership […]

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