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ReThinking Trading Psychology 101 (version 2)

Originally posted on Business Insider, April 17.

Conventional wisdom in trading psychology used to depend on two primary tenets – discipline and ‘control your emotions’. But that was before neuroscience started putting traders, poker players and other risk-gamers into brain scanners. Now that we know that all decisions depend on the presence of an emotion, most […]

Jamie, Psych Risk Management & Living to Trade Another Day

This is a true story.

3 years ago today (I have this weird memory for dates), I spotted Jamie Dimon and Bill Daley sitting outside Gibsons in Chicago. I just happened to have come from a lunch with Patricia Crisafulli who had written the House of Dimon and I had her book with his picture on […]

The Social Market – Theory of Mind

It’s easy to forget that markets are nothing more than a mechanism to transmit value and value is nothing more than perception. Hence markets are nothing more than perception. Likewise, it is easy to forget that in all of our fundamental, technical and economic analyses, we are trying to decipher and predict both current and […]

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Emotional Finance

If you heard the term, what would you think?

to be continued ….

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