Mental Match-up NBA Finals Game 1 – Advantage #CAVS

Going in, the mental advantage tips to the Cavs. The Cavs can lose one and maybe even two games and still feel that they can come back, still feel like “so what, we’ve done this before.”

On the other hand, if Curry, Durant and Green lose even one game early in the series, they are going […]

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Trader Diagnosis’ Latest Thoughts

Here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about:

The two areas in trading that separate the men from the boys (so to speak) are:

1.) The ability to divide environmental perceptions in half and process them separately. First I ask myself what I am feeling and in doing so I acknowledge and honor the feelings […]

How to Leverage Emotion in Market Judgments

The thing is - all of this requires both a change in perspective and more importantly, putting the same effort into understanding your internal signals as you put into the ones the market is providing!

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Consistently Good Decisions and Losers

The simple (but not easy answer) is all you need to do is understand the feelings - preferably both macro level (what you expect of yourself and echoes from your past) and micro or in the moment reactions to the result of a trade or price movement.

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Trader W Strikes Again!

Reading your work, applying it, monitoring myself, writing down my feelings, is really paying off. I am trading less, and making more money. This week and last week have been incredible.

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Human Market Makers

After Sept. 11th when the markets were closed for a week I pointed out to a WSJ reporter I know that this makes it clear that we should never have all electronic markets – the risk is too great. People have to be able to meet and make trades.

This market sell-off is bolstering that viewpoint. […]

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What is Psychological Capital?

We've all heard of human capital and the importance of the human element. The concept of psychological capital takes that discussion to another level - a level where we can begin to further understand, analyze and actually build on our most significant asset.

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