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Trading the Market’s Profile – 6/10/09

When actually I finally listened to someone who understood auction market theory I realized that every thing I more or less knew about TA was encapsulated in a market profile chart.

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Brett Steenbarger Great Post on Price Movement

Brett and I may not agree on our core ideas about trading psychology but this is an EXCELLENT description of reading price action intraday. Clearly in my mind, this is Trader-Steenbarger speaking … and thanks to one of our readers for asking me to comment.

Within the words is the real question everyone actually cares about […]

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Stock Market Psychology & Trading Levels

well they asked…. and yes we are in a bear market i.e. sell the rallies and buy the dips.

I hated to sound like a downer but hey, Roubini I am not (although so far…. )


Having said that, 900 in the S&P futures held like a rock.

Talking about that on TV […]

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