Panics, Limit-Down and Windows…

What do our brains do when a down-trend becomes an avalanche – when
some snow gets rolling at the top and picks up steam and snow and speed
until it hits bottom – with no regard for anything in its way?

Two things to know –

First, it tends to assume it will get the same result from the […]

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Deep Breaths, No TV and Calm

The WSJ’s Intelligent Investor …

The weekend edition of the WSJ included Zweig’s column on fighting the herd mentality. In many ways it is good article… but it does what all articles and commentary seem to do… in the end it says “get rational”. The problem with this is when you feel terrified it is extremely […]

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Panic & Decision-Making

Of course you are panicky. I mean who wouldn't be? Do we have any experience with major US companies, banks in particular, going out of business one right after the other? Have any of us lived through this? Even if you were alive and remember the crash of 1929 or the depression that followed it, you didn't experience it in a 24 hour news cycle where each 12 hours brought the next major name to either its demise or the brink of disaster. This is scary stuff...

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