Truly Understanding your Trading Decisions

In many ways, many traders end up shrugging their shoulders to the tune of “oh well I will do better next time”. The question becomes /what exactly/ will make them perceive, decide and act “better” the next time? I mean it isn’t like there aren’t tons of methods and tools to help a trader with […]

So you doubt the unconscious do you

Check this out ….A study done in conjunction with a Harvard neuroscientist – unconscious processes in the most unlikely of places – a complete loss of vision.(Today’s New York Times Science Times)

Go see the video at the website of Beatrice Gelber

The brain is an amazing thing.

Happy Merry to ALL


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Panics, Limit-Down and Windows…

What do our brains do when a down-trend becomes an avalanche – when
some snow gets rolling at the top and picks up steam and snow and speed
until it hits bottom – with no regard for anything in its way?

Two things to know –

First, it tends to assume it will get the same result from the […]

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Markets R Human

Markets are nothing more than the reflection of human beliefs and feelings. It doesn’t matter how anyone decides upon a price at which they might buy or sell, once they “are in” it is a belief about the future (10 seconds or 10 years) that is at least the underlying REASON (ironic) they have a […]

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Wow! …what a market & CME’s Global Financial Leadership

Last Friday we all knew SOMETHING was going to happen. But who could have predicted the week that now was? LEH, MER, AIG and even RTC2…. 500 down, 500 up: certainly a time to understand the new science of decision-making!

Early in the week, I had the enormous privilege of attending the CME’s Global Financial Leadership […]

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Human Risk

The idea of human risk offers a different angle on the idea of psychological capital. It is easy to think about markets and pricing as abstract entities when in reality they are the sum total of human decisions. Hence, human decisions are at the core of all bubbles, crashes, rallies, sell-offs and market volatility – […]

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