Social-emotional context

All About Alpha & Psychology Today

Here are the links to my thoughts on the needed new paradigm in risk management (All About Alpha) and the three things anyone can do to be more successful in the financial markets.

What were they thinking? From MF to LTCM

3 Things anyone can do better to understand the psychological side of the markets – the […]

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The Debt Deal’s Social Map

So Sunday night came and went without a market meltdown. And now the market talk is of “we all know they will make some kind of deal” so … what’s the big deal?

Let me ask you, what if they don’t? What if Congresspeople who truly don’t understand how financial markets function on perception decide that […]

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How to Think in the Gap between the Facts & Success

We have a tendency not to notice that our emphasis on numbers and logic leaves out a crucial part of the thinking processes we actually engage in to make decisions. In order to make the best decisions – and to perform at our highest levels – we need to get logical about the gap between […]

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The Social-Emotional Context

…everything we think, feel and do is related to this. ReThinking Thinking is about analyzing these evolving contexts – and understanding that thinking is hardly just about “smarts” – that is where we go wrong. …. Wrong in risk management, wrong in analyses and definitely wrong in perceptions.

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