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Solve that Cleveland Sports Curse

UPDATE June 20, 2016: I am SO glad the Cavs won! Thrilled. Elated. Vindicated. Ecstatic. Relieved. Joyous. Shocked… not necessarily in that order. Maybe someday I will get to interview LeBron about the cycle of emotions he experienced and used to create this incredible historic victory!

UPDATE June 17, 2016: This time I stayed until the […]

How We Decide

Between the avalanche of neuroimages, the financial crisis and its aftermath and Jonah Lehrer’s book entitled How We Decide, interest in figuring out the answer has probably never been so attenuated.

Allow me to submit a new model that I will believe will come to be the way we understand our own decision making come 10 […]

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Morgan Stanley, Tom Watson and Recovery

Today's neuroscience proves that the residual feelings resulting form one event can completely color your beliefs about the next event. It also proves you can't act - or even make a decision - without emotional inputs. Therefore, managing those inputs - in the way that works - is a singularly profitable (and winning) endeavor.

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