The Real Probabilities of Trading

We all like to talk about knowing the probabilities … and then just sticking to them. Most of us like to harangue other traders for not doing so while finding it not so easy to do ourselves.

It isn’t so easy for a number of reasons –

1. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your […]

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Gregg M., CMT at Morgan Stanley sent this….

Black Swan pattern confirmed ....

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Elise Payzan Le Nestour on “The Brain on Risk”

On The Ubiquitous Missing Information in Markets: What Neuroeconomics Has to Say
‘Ambiguity’ is the Hallmark of Trading and Investing
The situation of taking a position when the odds are uncertain because of missing information is referred to by economists as “ambiguous”. F Knight in his book Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit was the first to emphasize ambiguity […]

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