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Sustainable Investing & Trading Success via Psychological Strategies

In response to the post and discussion here by @ppearlman, @andrewunknown asks:

Phil’s last line: “So, even awareness is overrated. Its a start but really its about your choices. Its where the training begins, not ends.” Denise: “What is standing in between the “knowing” and the “doing”?”

These quotes rather concisely introduce two explanatory problems:

1) Everyone agrees […]

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The Human Trading Condition

Just a few moments ago, I hung up the phone after speaking with a client who heads a trading desk at a bank everyone in the world has heard of. It would be easy to think – “well, that guy has it made”. (Government’s intention to break-up banks and stop prop-trading notwithstanding). Yet, he wants […]

My Journey to Self-awareness, by JON

I knew I needed emotional help the day I became so angry that I punched my bedroom door, stomped down the stairs, and kicked over a living room end table—shocking my wife and two boys, and, most of all, myself. I’ve always been known as the “laid back, non-emotional German from Minnesota.” I was […]

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What is this thing I talk about anyway

Psych cap – emotional intelligence – judgment – feelings – ambiguity perception…. can we get this organized?


1. Markets are only human

2. The numbers are only a clue

3. The brain knows it

4. The brain believes it is in the jungle fighting for survival

5. The brain knows how to survive and uses all kinds of mechanisms to […]

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Consistently Good Decisions and Losers

The simple (but not easy answer) is all you need to do is understand the feelings - preferably both macro level (what you expect of yourself and echoes from your past) and micro or in the moment reactions to the result of a trade or price movement.

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Advanced Trading Psychology Course

…because a few have asked where on the blog they can find info yet I would prefer to keep the blog as a discussion, here is the link to the info on the new self-driven study course.

A more complete description and the download of an introduction is available here.

Merci beaucoup for inquiring – DKS

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