The Reviews Are In

”In addition to being one of the most authentic and insightful people I know – no talent, technology, or person comes close to Denise in helping you crack your own code.”

– Paul Jablonski , CIO, Kraken LP

”I have been competing in Snowboard Cross for 20+ years and have been exposed to many different forms of training, both physical and mental. After working with Denise, I felt more comfortable with my emotions because I could understand what they were doing to my body, and determine if was positive or negative. Understanding how I was reacting to my emotions, allowed me to anticipate the impact they could have on my body and learn how to make them work in my favor.”

– Lindsey Jacobellis, U.S. Olympic Snowboarder & Most-Decorated Snowboard Cross Athlete

”Even the smartest people in the room are listening when Denise is sharing insights on how we overcome our behavioral biases. Denise tells you how to hire the X-factor of portfolio management, how PMs come back from a losing streak and how to help COO’s create a coaching environment, all in 60 mins”

– Avijit, Choudhury, APAC Head of Capital & Consulting Services, UBS

Denise has helped me see my past in a way that no one else has, and now I am moving toward my professional soccer career in a way that encourages me. Most of, if not all, of any future success I have will be attributable to Denise.”

– Julian B.

“Having traded for more than 15 years it is humbling and refreshing that the recent work I have done with Denise Shull has enabled me to make more progress in my trading than all my years of experience on their own.”

 – RW, Trading Desk Head, Top 5 Global Bank

”We brought in Denise Shull and The ReThink Group to expand our performance program and to obtain the benefits of a top-flight mental game for all our pit crews. Feedback from our athletes has been very positive and we’ve already experienced benefits in the races at Talladega and Dover. We look forward to continuing to learn from ReThink and to achieving the competitive advantages we anticipate will occur from our work together.”

– Andy Papathanassiou, Hendrick Motorsports

”Traders should read everything @DeniseKShull writes, opines or postulates”

– @bamatrader, Professional Portfolio Manager

”Denise Shull introduces EQ into a world mired in IQ. It is a complete G-dsend when after many years of trading you are equipped with some simple and frank tools that enable you to catch beforehand, or at the very least postpone, some ego trading, frustration trading, revenge trading, boredom trading and ritualistic trading.

– AK, Portfolio Manager 

”I would like to say it was the best money I have spent on trading.


”Denise Shull has been a great asset to me, and I believe she would be an equally great asset to any trader willing to work to improve their results.”


”You really did an incredible job. Much better than a competitor of yours has done, in my opinion.


 ”In my quest to find a mental performance edge I have worked with a number of world-renowned performance coaches- from coaches for Super Bowl winning teams to US Navy SEALs and everything in between.  It wasn’t until I started working with Denise Shull and learning about how emotions affect decision making that I was able to start to see a real positive change in my work and life.

-JB, Former CME Options Market Maker