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Uncertainty – Reprinted from Psych Capital Tips and Tricks

Trading psychology advice permeates the world of traders. Yet, the majority of traders still experience a challenge that goes like this: “Why did I do that?” They have a plan, they swear they will not make that mistake again and BAM! they do precisely the thing they did not want to do (and swore they […]

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“Negative” Feelings May Be A Positive

In a world steeped in the mantra of “remain positive”, what is a trader or portfolio manager to do when frustration mounts? Winning in the game of markets is hard. It really is hard. Sometimes, or maybe even quite a lot of the time, that fact is going to lead to so-called “negative” feelings.

Even winners […]

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% Independent Traders Who are Profitable

For as long as I can remember, industry lore has “stated” that only 5-10% of individuals who speculatively trade their own accounts are profitable. Recently I heard someone say it is only 3%! I myself have often been asked but in reality I think/thought that only the brokers could know – and they were definitely […]

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A Real Trader Writes about Working His Psychological Capital

Dear Denise,

I hope you are well and that your book is coming along nicely. I haven’t written in awhile, but I’ve been having quite a time with the Access course. When I began, I made steady progress through the first four or five chapters, and my trading was improving as well, though I didn’t feel […]

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Market Hangovers by Trader K

The biggest part of trading is not trading, staying away from the markets when your psychological capital is low, when you are incapable of seeing who is giving you a real green light and who is just teasing.

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Morgan Stanley, Tom Watson and Recovery

Today's neuroscience proves that the residual feelings resulting form one event can completely color your beliefs about the next event. It also proves you can't act - or even make a decision - without emotional inputs. Therefore, managing those inputs - in the way that works - is a singularly profitable (and winning) endeavor.

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Love and Trading By Trader K

“I return from holiday rested and relaxed, to quote Ben Lichtenstein, “I have tasted the sweetest Mediterranean tomatoes brought to me by dusky maidens and washed down with oaky red wine in the shade of orange trees, I have felt real warmth from the sun on my skin again.” Pulling up a chart once more, […]

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Gregg M., CMT at Morgan Stanley sent this….

Black Swan pattern confirmed ....

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The Wonderment of Modern Psychoanalysis

Modern Psychoanalysis investigates, identifies and resolves mental and emotional resistances to change.

It differs from the ubiquitous common approaches to helping others by avoiding the inescapable self-consciousness created by the process of setting goals and standards and then attempting to enforce them. These techniques tend to make clients feel guilty or “wrong” if (or when) they […]

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Deep Breaths, No TV and Calm

The WSJ’s Intelligent Investor …

The weekend edition of the WSJ included Zweig’s column on fighting the herd mentality. In many ways it is good article… but it does what all articles and commentary seem to do… in the end it says “get rational”. The problem with this is when you feel terrified it is extremely […]

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