A thousand points?

a 1000 points???? are they kidding…….

Richard Bookstabber in Demons of our Design had it right when he described how interconnected all trading and all markets are…. the only part he didn’t really cover in detail is this:

it is NOT fear and greed – it is fear and fear2. Fear2 is the fear of missing out….and this matters because fear of missing out drives lots of trades. Now today that probably made you money – but we don’t get 90% days very often. … well wait, maybe that isn’t true. we sure have had lots of them lately.

In either case, it pays to understand the emotional backdrop to every trade – there ALWAYS is one… not matter how many people have told you there isn’t or shouldn’t be. They don’t know what the neuroecon guys know!

… and in the comfort food department… a grand up sure feels good for a change! now if i could just remember if it was Petula Clark or Nancy Sinatra who sang “up up and away in my beautiful balloon?” …. it sure wasn’t Alice Cooper…. Pink Floyd? … no that was “Money” …. okay – a little giddiness going on here on the shores of the East River (tidal estuary).

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