Sustainable Investing & Trading Success via Psychological Strategies

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In response to the post and discussion here by @ppearlman, @andrewunknown asks: Phil's last line: "So, even awareness is overrated. Its a start but really its about your choices. Its where the training begins, not ends." Denise: "What is standing in between the "knowing" and the "doing"?" These quotes rather…

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Ted On Ambiguity

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I woke up this morning, still thinking about ambiguity and my natural aversion to…. Well, mornings. After a cup of Joe and a slice of shingle with a shimmy and a shake, I set myself down the ponder: Ambiguity Coveted by politicians and poets… Distained by science and law. “political…

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Ryan The Peak

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the peak n e a r i n g the snowy summit the comforts of the slow and steady climb slip away the air has changed gazing off the windy peak inside churns - excitement erupts voices clamoring to be heard Maslow entices me to take it to a higher…

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Allan – Ode To Ambiguity

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To the melody of the Jungle Book's Bare Necessities, here's a little song about ambiguity aversion. Best sung with Louis Armstrong playing the original in the background! Embrace the ambiguities The simple ambiguities Don’t chase every tick in every move Just face the unpredictability The financial markets’ recipe For…

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