I woke up this morning, still thinking about ambiguity and my natural aversion to…. Well, mornings.

After a cup of Joe and a slice of shingle with a shimmy and a shake, I set myself down the ponder:


Coveted by politicians and poets… Distained by science and law.

“political science” or “poetic justice”?

Artist, freed from the needs to record unambiguous reality.

Kodak moment or timeless Monet?

Sirens of synchronous and synchronized sounds.

Add feeling, and you have music.

And of the movement of minds and markets?

Rarely a consensus, always a conversation.

But with whom? I am not sure.

But for this ex-engineer to ponder its meaning, I can only say

The mind is a very strange place to be.

By the way, have you met to friends, Russell the rabbit, and his friend Eias the cat?

Cat and rabbit