Psychoanalytic ideas for traders

Understand and Eradicate the Mysterious Riddles in Your Trading

What phenomenon does this partial quote describe?
“…people all of whose human relationships have the same
outcome: such as the benefactor who is abandoned in anger
after a time by each of his protégés, however much they may
otherwise differ from one another, …or the man whose
friendships all end in betrayal by his friend; … or, again, the lover […]

The Very First (and I what I thought would be the last) Words I Wrote on Trading Psychology

Shull’s first article “What Would Freud Say? Stroll Down Freud’s Mental Path to Profits”, December 2004.

When I wrote this I had NO idea whatsoever that I would ever publicly write or say ANOTHER word on the psychology of trading. It was just an idea I had based on re-writing my Master’s Thesis […]

ReThinking Trading Psychology 101 (version 2)

Originally posted on Business Insider, April 17.

Conventional wisdom in trading psychology used to depend on two primary tenets – discipline and ‘control your emotions’. But that was before neuroscience started putting traders, poker players and other risk-gamers into brain scanners. Now that we know that all decisions depend on the presence of an emotion, most […]

Why Did I Do That? Again!??

Having had the privilege to coach hundreds if not thousands of traders in my roles as first a trading desk manager and then as a mental trading coach, I can promise you that not matter how much capital someone is trading – $10,000 or over a billion dollars – everyone regularly asks “why the H*() […]