The Very First (and I what I thought would be the last) Words I Wrote on Trading Psychology

Shull’s first article What Would Freud Say? Stroll Down Freud’s Mental Path to Profits”, December 2004.

When I wrote this I had NO idea whatsoever that I would ever publicly write or say ANOTHER word on the psychology of trading. It was just an idea I had based on re-writing my Master’s Thesis for a Journal article in Modern Psychoanalysis. Neuroscience had proven the requirement of emotion in any decisions and I wanted to get this idea out into my trading community.

The bio is almost funny…now.

(As it turns out, others were also thinking of the unconscious as it relates Trading Psychologyto trading. The Research Institute of the CFA Institute and George Soros’ Institute for New Economic Thinking have now funded and published “Emotional Finance” – research that might colloquially be called “Freud’s Ideas on the Destruction of Profits” as Taffler and Tuckett invoke a Freudian concept called “Phantastical Objects”.)


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