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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The ReThink Group Launches “Intuition Brain Game” as Part of Intuition and Conviction Training to Help Portfolio Managers, Traders and Risk Decision Makers Develop their Instincts and Mitigate Risk  Program links decision neuroscience, psychological research, behavioral economics, and a person’s internal intuitive voice to improve decision making…


The Road to Optimal Trading

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Have you ever felt the satisfaction of adding a new rule to your trading system only to have it disrupt your profit making? It felt as if adding another element to your process would make the right decisions more obvious but instead, trading got harder.More rules might seem like more…

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The 3 “Eyes” of Trading Using Your Feelings

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It unfortunately remains the predominant and conventional wisdom that the best trading occurs from so-called purely rational (read: statistical) and non-emotional analysis. Alas, it's just not true. In fact, it isn't even possible for a human being to make a risk-decision devoid of feelings and the most-forward thinking research says…

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Empathy and Intuition, Two Key Trading Thinking Styles

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Two separate studies interviewing close to 200 successful portfolio managers and traders confirm what Jason Voss and Ravhee Mehta have reported in their books The Intuitive Investor and The Emotionally Intelligent Investor. Being able to read the feelings of other market participants, a form of empathy, and being able to…

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