The ReThink Group Launches “Intuition Brain Game” as Part of Intuition and Conviction Training to Help Portfolio Managers, Traders and Risk Decision Makers Develop their Instincts and Mitigate Risk

 Program links decision neuroscience, psychological research, behavioral economics, and a person’s internal intuitive voice to improve decision making and risk taking.

New York, NY – October 28, 2020 — The ReThink Group, a New York-based performance coaching and high-stakes decision making consultancy, whose client roster includes institutional traders, portfolio managers, and professional athletes, announced today it is launching “Intuition Brain Game,” an online program designed to help decision makers access their own intuition and what is called “theory of mind” – or the reading of other people – which decision neuroscience research shows is a fundamental, under-appreciated skill in business and investing success. The game will be available to asset managers and c-suites as part of a unique, in-depth intuition and conviction training program. Following the Shull Method of training and using the insights gleaned from the results of the game, management teams, portfolio managers, traders and other high-pressure decision makers can better understand their own instincts and learn to further sharpen their own valid convictions.

“Between market volatility and balancing family, work, and health caused by coronavirus, we believe this is the right time to bring decision makers back to themselves and show them how to use their innate instincts in their favor,” said Denise Shull, CEO of The ReThink Group and creator of the Shull Method of performance analysis and training. “We believe the Intuition Brain Game will give our clients unique insights into their own minds – what drives their intuitions and  ‘convictions’ – and the minds of other players in the marketplace. Greater intuitive skills in turn minimize the risks of impulsive decision making.”

The ReThink Group is headed by Denise Shull, a U-Chicago trained neuropsychoanalyst, author, securities trader of over 25 years, and an original consultant to Showtime’s “Billions,” and Bill Long, former Federal Reserve economist, Bear Stearns strategist, and KPMG consultant with a Master’s degree in econometrics from Duke University. Intuition Brain Games is based on a previous trader brain exercise program launched for Bloomberg in 2016.

“Instinct and intuitions are a form of physical sensations with valuable information. The Intuition Brain Game helps investors learn to recognize this sixth sense in a way no other tool has – to incorporate human considerations into risk management and help traders make sense of likely reactions to future market events,” Shull continued. “The idea that a leader takes his or her emotions out of decision making is categorically false. Emotions, like the sense of intuition or the feeling something isn’t right, are powerful tools for understanding markets and investor behavior and enable market participants to take their best risks.”

The Intuition Brain Game and the subsequent intuition training is now available to current ReThink Group clients and will be available to new clients on October 20, when the Game is made available to the public. To learn more or to sign up, please visit: 

About The ReThink Group.

The ReThink Group is a high-stakes decision making and performance consultancy with a particular focus on asset management and professional sports. Employing the one-of-a-kind Shull Method, the ReThink Group fuses modern psychoanalysis with decision neuroscience to help risk takers of all types trust their instincts, mitigate risk and enhance convictions. Led by Denise Shull, a securities trader of 25 years, trained neuroscientist, author, and speaker, The ReThink Group is the only woman-led consultancy with its specialty.


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