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World Leading Performance and Strategy Expert Denise Shull Moves The ReThink Group to Sun Valley

Real-Life Wendy Rhoades from Showtime’s Billions and Author of ‘Market Mind Games’ Helps Investors, Athletes, Actors and CEOs Achieve Peak Performance

Sun Valley, Idaho – June 22, 2021 – Today, Denise K. Shull proudly announces the relocation of her consulting company, The ReThink Group, to Sun Valley, Idaho. Known as ‘ReThink,’ the group assesses, coaches, and trains high-performing professionals through a unique blend of the latest neuroscience on cognitive decision making and a modern form of psychoanalysis. She and her partner Bill Long will be holding an exclusive application of this powerful work with their “Raise Your Results” workshop and retreat for professional investors and traders locally on August 9-12, 2021.
“Up until now, The ReThink Group was headquartered in New York, working with clients globally. Like many others, our team needed to pivot entirely to remote work during the pandemic. As the lockdown continued, we realized we could fulfill a lifelong dream of living and running ReThink from a world-class ski town. We love being out of doors, believe the physical and mental are inextricably intertwined, and are, of course, absolutely thrilled to be here,” said Shull.
An expert in human perception and judgment, Ms. Shull founded ReThink in 2003 to solve the challenges of slumps, repetitive mistakes, and confidence crises in professional traders and money managers. Bill Long joined full-time in 2012 after a career at the Federal Reserve, KPMG, and Bear Stearns.
The Shull Method™, ReThink’s signature consulting framework, leverages the latest brain research on how humans constantly, but subconsciously, predict their future feelings. Understanding this on a practical level routinely allows us to resolve the mysterious mental challenges of slumps, anxiety, burnout, motivation, teamwork, and resilience. Clients routinely describe ReThink’s work as highly unique and very powerful.
Shull holds a Master of Arts from The University of Chicago in neuropsychoanalysis. Her book, Market Mind Games, a Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading, and Risk, has been reviewed as “best of its genre” and a “veritable Rosetta Stone of trading psychology.” The WSJ, FT, Bloomberg Markets, Risk Professional, and New York Times’ Dealbook have each profiled Shull. She has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and finance’s latest media sensation, Real Vision. Bill Long holds a Master of Arts in Economics from Duke University.
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