ambiguity aversion

The Affective Landscape of Trading

First, you start out with the fact that all incoming information of markets amounts to an ambiguous soup. In other words, no matter what you do, you can’t escape the ambient uncertainty… yet many researchers and thinkers (Keynes and Ellsberg for two) have shown that we shy away from ambiguity and uncertainty…

Next, when you get […]

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Todd – My Aversion to Ambiguity

To Trade or Not to Trade

Hey I took a trade today

I sit and watch it with dismay

Will the plan follow as I have laid?

Away you indefinite penny arcade

The stench of fear invades my being

Wondering if what I am seeing

Is solid as I think it is

Confirmed or antithesis

Time to jump out its changing it tune

For that […]

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Ted On Ambiguity

I woke up this morning, still thinking about ambiguity and my natural aversion to…. Well, mornings.

After a cup of Joe and a slice of shingle with a shimmy and a shake, I set myself down the ponder:


Coveted by politicians and poets… Distained by science and law.

“political science” or “poetic justice”?

Artist, freed from the needs to […]

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Ryan The Peak

the peak











the comforts

of the slow and

steady climb slip away

the air has changed

gazing off the windy peak

inside churns – excitement erupts

voices clamoring to be heard

Maslow entices me to take it to a higher level

Darwin implores – be careful, you’ve got to survive this

and all the insane monkeys screaming, “just go for it!”

it is the child who […]

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Robert An Ode to Ambiguity

An Ode to Ambiguity Aversion

They say the market’s ambiguous – well that’s a lot of crap!

I’m right – that’s all I need to know, but why then won’t the money flow?

I’ll show them and prove to mum that I’m not just some lazy bum like dad.

I’m smarter than my grandfather too.

But oh, there is so […]

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Michael – Ponder my Aversion to Ambiguity

Why I have not accepted ambiguity in the markets?

Well first I had to learn what it was, and then I had to come to understand how it controlled my actions on the unconscious level. Now that I have become aware of Ambiguity Aversion, I have accepted its energy and how it has affected my […]

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Jenny The Light Side of Ambiguity

I look at the chart and see all of the people

Bars move up then down, forming a steeple

I envy that run, but miss all the fun

Unclear of direction, I pray to the sun

Today’s a new day and the markets deceptive

I’m feeling alert and focus on being perceptive

But why can’t I see a good trade to […]

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Lauren – That Pesky Ambiguity

That Pesky Ambiguity

I admit ambiguity makes me uncomfortable. I prefer sure things, and speculative trading sure isn’t one of them. I recognize the ambiguity of the market instinctively—but even my logical mind sees its inevitability. I buy a contract, thinking it will go up in price. Who sold me that contract? Someone who, looking at […]

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Malaya Uncertainty’s Consort

Uncertainty’s Consort

The wind waits for no one

Without warning, her sweet caress seduces
the wild and innocents
There is no satisfaction
She is faithful consort only to uncertainty

Shivers of rumors and unrequited stirrings
shake to the cadence of loss
A signal sights
The silence sounds
Shards of knowing
A touch felt
Echoes dissolve
She blows […]

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Allan – Ode To Ambiguity

To the melody of the Jungle Book’s Bare Necessities, here’s a little song about ambiguity aversion. Best sung with Louis Armstrong playing the original in the background!

Embrace the ambiguities

The simple ambiguities

Don’t chase every tick in every move

Just face the unpredictability

The financial markets’ recipe

For bringing opportunities to you

Throw away your stochastics, forget about Gann

Stop testing mechanical […]

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