Leaning into Desire

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Ignore those who say you shouldn’t have desire. You should, you can, and you can use desire to achieve what you want. Take the desire and ask yourself “What would I need to do IF I were going to actually achieve this?”

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Owning Your Negative Emotions

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Fears, frustrations and regrets can illuminate things we need to know. Itemizing feelings actually dissipates their unpleasant energy and in turn opens up pathways otherwise hidden. Admitting to shades of these "negative feelings" REDUCES the chance that the feeling gets in your way.

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Tips on Employee Engagement from The Shull Method

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The ReThink Group is proud to announce that our CEO Denise Shull, the inspiration behind the #WendyRhoades character on Showtime’s #BILLIONS, is featured in Mediaplanet’s latest campaign launching today, November 14, 2018 in USA Today. ‘Employee Engagement’ creates a 360 guide for the entire engagement journey from recruitment to recognition…

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Develop the Instincts for Trading

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“I got them all wrong” exclaimed one private equity portfolio manager. “Ha! Right!” said another Chief Investment Officer when I suggested that the pattern recognition skills embedded in succeeding with the Bloomberg Tradebook Trader Brain Exercise (TBX > GO) resembled private equity decisions. With almost ten thousand players, this exercise/game illustrates an underlying…

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