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Tips on Employee Engagement from The Shull Method

Founder, CEO & Lead Performance Coach Denise Shull lands the cover of special USAToday special section on Employee Engagement by MediaPlanet.

The ReThink Group is proud to announce that our CEO Denise Shull, the inspiration behind the #WendyRhoades character on Showtime’s #BILLIONS, is featured in Mediaplanet’s latest campaign launching today, November 14, 2018 in USA Today.

‘Employee Engagement’ creates a 360 guide for the entire engagement journey from recruitment to recognition and retention while highlighting the best practices for building an engaged workforce.

Check it out to find advice not only from Denise but from Adam Grant and other notables in the human performance space.

Plus, read what Denise most likes about the character!

Think back to the “Magical Thinking” episode of season one. Wendy spent the evening talking to Axe and leading him to see that his guilt over Donnie drove him to make ill-advised decisions that lost the firm oodles of money. That’s the kind of work I love seeing her do.

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