Trader W – my trading today vs. yesterday


Set the alarm for 6:40 am, but ended up going to bed pretty late.

6:40 am alarm rings, still super tired, so decide to sleep in till 7:30 and then see if I want to trade

7:28 wake up without alarm, feeling good.

7:45 ish, notice the market has really sold off. Want to jump in short, but realize I need to wait for the perfect setup.

7:50 ish Don’t get filled on a short on a retracement, and cancel all orders. At this time, I am relaxed, calm… and cooking breakfast.

8:00 or so, I see the setup I am waiting for, and take the trade.

8:01 ish, I realize that my intial stop placement was a little tight, and loosen it up to my typical stop placement.

8:10 market is doing what I thought it would, and I just leave the trade alone and let it work.

9:15 or so, I take a nice profit on half the position, and lock in some more profit on the rest.

9:30 or so, I am stopped out, and realize I have done well for the day. Very relaxed, very calm, and able to predict with an uncanny accuracy what the market was going to do. Turned out that was the only live trade I did that day.


Woke up tired at 6:30. Checked the market. Went long, grabbed some pts. But still very tired.

7:00 am to 1:00 pm – Did a gazillion trades in anemic volume, at one point seriously denting my account, only to manage to catch a good move and stay in long enough to get closer to breakeven, but still in the hole. I was complaining about the volume, complaining about how setups didn’t seem to work. I was writing things down. I was thinking, “I should just stop and trade another day”…. and thinking that early on in the day.

But I didn’t stop.

I was tired. Being tired, made me take on more risk. Once in the hole, I started making riskier decisions. Then you overtrade. Once you start overtrading, it is a downward slide…. and I believe a large part of it was simply “I WAS TIRED”.

I want days like today… not yesterday. Yawnnnn, going to get some rest now. 😉

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