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The $12B Client who Prioritizes People’s Wellness

In the spring of 2019, we got a call to do a workshop at a fund that Jared Dillian (Daily Dirtnap) had referred us to.  They were having an offsite meeting for their global team and wanted us to do a comprehensive workshop on the latest psychology of investing and trading..

Two and a half years later, Denise continues to coach the CIO John Malloy and ReThink Consultant John Burns is beginning work with the analyst team. (Testament to how growing businesses takes time.) It’s been a great journey. We’ve developed a custom conviction spectrum for RWC and in the process analyzed effectively all of their decisions since inception for what went right and what went wrong. 

A few months ago, they sent this note to their investors. RWC Emerging Frontier Markets Investing in Mental Health 

Their example is a good one and hence, we want to share it. I’ve long said that the hedge fund that prioritizes sleep, a component of wellness, would increase their returns by 5%. Funds do put nap rooms in but tend to use them for storage. RWC is putting their money where their mouth is in relationship to the mental state of their team. An example for all…..


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