“Travesting” and the fC’s in decision making under uncertainty

Two new terms you will (eventually) read in this book I am feverishly working on. (It’s true – I am having a blast and really want nothing else but to be able to work on it… hence, my choice of the word feverishly): “Travesting” – meaning the combination of trading and investing that everyone needs to be undertaking in order to manage their own portfolios and by extension their own futures and “fC” for the feelings context in which we make all of our decisions but certainly the reality with which we make “risk” decisions.

Others that might be new –

Emotion Analytics – internal and external – as risk management and strategy inputs.

Emotional Architectures – the basic reactionary/perceptual explanations we bring to any situation – both conscious and unconscious.

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  1. @GratefulTrader

    “Travesting” is definitely an important concept for the new reality in which we find ourselves. I also like the other form, “Invading”. LOL!
    Can’t wait to read the book!

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